About Us

As parents to a very active and energetic toddler, the idea for Bee Sporty came about through our discussions about the need to provide physical stimulation for young children and encourage that active side of our son’s nature in an appropriate environment.

We wanted to harness that energy and enthusiasm and help him to develop the movement skills that will allow him to go on to play sports or pursue other active hobbies when he is older.

We feel this is an important step in the development of any young child, and one that, through his background in sports, our head coach and founder Jay was particularly passionate about.

Jay has combined his knowledge of sports coaching with his experience as a dad to design a program that will encourage each child’s movement skills and above all be great fun!


Bee Sporty classes are fundamentally about having fun. We create a positive environment for our coaches, our children and our parents.

Our coaches are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. This helps to create a positive environment for the children to learn and develop their skills. We want to give children the chance to try new skills, and the positive environment we create gives them the confidence to try things without fear of failure.


Our Bee Sporty classes do not focus on winning, but on each child progressing. We celebrate the little achievements in each child’s development such as learning to jump with two feet or learning to balance on their own.

We also place a huge focus on progress as coaches and as a company. We welcome feedback and constantly look for ways to improve as coaches and make our classes better.


We believe strongly in the huge impact sport and fitness can have and are committed to instilling a love for sports from a very early age.

We believe that physical activity can have huge benefits on children, not just physically but socially, cognitively and emotionally and we want to share our passion for sports with all of the children involved in our programme.

Parent Perspective

As a company founded by parents, we want to maintain an open relationship with the parents who bring their children to our classes. We understand what it’s like to be parents and we realise that having young children can be challenging at times.

We want to create an environment where parents feel welcome and relaxed and can enjoy seeing their child progress. We are approachable and welcome any questions, concerns or feedback parents may have about their child’s development or any aspect of the classes.

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, passionate coaches. We offer competitive coaching rates and a flexible and fun working environment.

Whether you are looking for coaching experience as an assistant coach or are an experienced coach looking to lead your own class, we would love to hear from you.

Email us at [email protected] to find out more about the coaching opportunities available.