If you would like to get fit and grow in confidence whilst learning to defend yourself in a friendly, welcoming environment then Tang Soo Do is for you.

Tang Soo Do is a well rounded Korean Martial Art which derives heavily from the Ancient Korean Martial Art of Subak and the indigenous Korean art of Taekkyeon. It is also influenced by Okinawan Karate and the martial arts of Northern China.

Traditional in style with its kicks, punches, blocks and forms, there is also a competitive side to the art available for those who wish to explore their more adventurous side, with competitions available on a national and international level.

Classes are broken down in to groups to ensure age appropriate, quality instruction.

Training in Tang Soo Do brings all sorts of physical benefits to the practitioner but perhaps most important are the other benefits regular training awards: self belief, control, discipline, confidence and mind- body awareness.

Tang Soo!