The Bee Sporty Programme

Bee Sporty classes are multi sports classes for children aged 2-7 which focus on improving the fundamental sport and movement skills which are essential in the development of every child.

Classes are led by experienced coaches and class numbers are limited to ensure that our coaches can really focus on each child’s development. The activities are tailored for each level to ensure that the children are facing challenges appropriate to their age level, to build on their confidence and help them progress.

We use a variety of sporting equipment and introduce the basics of a number of sports including football, rugby, basketball, hockey and racquet sports.

We don’t focus on the specific sport, but rather on improving all the core skills which are essential to developing the children’s physical literacy, such as agility, balance, hand eye coordination, kicking, throwing and catching.

Our goal isn’t to create sports stars, but to introduce children to sports in a positive environment. We use a lot of positive reinforcement in the form of high fives and encouragement. We don’t put a big focus on winning in our classes, but on personal development, whether that’s a child learning to hop, improving their catching skills or being able to walk along the balance beam unaided…these are all the small triumphs that we want to recognise and encourage.

Bee Sporty doesn’t just help to improve physical skills, but helps to improve each child’s social, cognitive and emotional skills. From learning to listen and follow instructions at the younger age group, to encouraging leadership, teamwork and communication at the older age groups, these are all important elements of a child’s development.

Our games are creative and imaginative ways of developing skills. From crossing the sea and avoiding the hungry sharks while working on balance, or being a pirate stealing treasure while improving their dodging and speed, our classes are designed to be action packed and fun.

We want the children to leave our classes with a smile on their faces, because above all our main objective is to teach children that being active is fun!

What Parents Say

My son loves the classes and gets excited to go each week. It’s a great way to socialise with other children, get active and build confidence.

Ruth, Mum of Connor, aged 4.

My daughter talks about Bee Sporty all week and loves to practice the games at home! My wife and I have seen a real improvement both in her physical skills and her confidence since she started the classes.

Chris, Dad to Annelia, aged 3

It’s a great class, different from anything we have done before. Coaches are great with the little ones, engaging and interacting with them and helping them feel part of a team.

Arlene, Mum of Rory, aged 4

Parents Perspective

Book a Free Trial Now

If you are interested in trying the classes why not book your little busy bee in for a free trial class? We offer a free trial to allow you to bring your little one along to try our games and activities before you book in for the term.

Class FAQs

When and where are the classes?

Please follow the link below to view our class venues and times and to book into the class

What can I expect from the classes?

The program is focused on FUNdamentals skills, the key movement skills important for most sports such as agility, balance and coordination. We will have a warm up exercise before playing games and activities that will help these skills in a fun and positive environment.

The games are designed to be fun and to engage your child’s active imagination. For example, when focussing on balance, your child might be a giant using stepping stones to cross a fast flowing river, or a pirate walking the plank, avoiding the hungry crocodiles below.

Above all our classes should be enjoyable- we want your child to leave our class with a smile on their face, having had lots and lots of fun. Bee Sporty classes teach children from an early age that physical activity is fun. We believe that a positive attitude towards physical activity will enable your child to go onto develop strong sports specific skills as they get older.

Our goal is not to find the next Andy Murray or Chris Hoy. The focus is not on developing specific sporting ability, but on personal improvement and confidence. We will play games that incorporate elements of sports such as rugby, football, basketball, gymnastics and racquet sports. If your child particularly enjoys or shows a particular aptitude for a sport, we will help to put you in touch with local sports clubs or with our contacts at various sport national governing bodies.

What are Movement Skills or Physical Literacy and why are they important for the development of my child?

Physical Literacy is basically competence in a wide range of fundamental movement and sports skills. It develops over time as children acquire basic skills such as running, jumping, skipping, catching, and throwing during childhood.
Children who are physically literate have the confidence and ability to do different physical activities and sports according to their interests.

Physical literacy helps children to become more physically active. Research shows that physically active kids:

  • Get higher grades in school.
  • Have better social skills.
  • Are happier and more confident.

Our philosophy is Bee Sporty, Bee Active, Bee Happy. We believe that our program is the ideal way to develop your child’s physical literacy and social skills, creating confident, happy, active children.

What should my child wear?

It is best if your child is wearing comfortable, stretchy clothing that will allow them to move easily and trainers or other suitable shoes for running around.

Should I bring anything?

We would recommend that you bring some water for your child.

Do I need to stay with my child?

For our Mini Bees and Junior Bees levels we would ask that there is an adult present with the children at all times.
At Active Bees level, children can be left unaccompanied but must be dropped off and picked up from within the hall. Children will only be allowed to leave the hall to use the toilet facilities.

Are adults expected to participate in the class?

At Mini Bees level we require adults to assist their child with some activities but there will be nothing physically challenging for the adults.

What happens if my child doesn’t want to participate?

To begin with some of the children, particularly at the younger level, may not want to participate in some activities in the class. In our experience, it can take some children a while to get used to their surroundings and the format of the classes. This is to be expected and the coach is fully prepared for this. Our aim is to show children that physical activity is fun and we will use lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement to encourage participation.

My child’s age is at the upper/lower limit for the class levels, what level should he/she start at?

We would recommend you bring your child along to try the class. Afterwards you can discuss with the coach which level you feel would be most appropriate for your child to start at. The ages suggested for each level are just a guide and are by no means set in stone- your child should participate at the level which is most appropriate for his/her stage of development to ensure maximum enjoyment!

Do you cater for children with disabilities?

We are passionate about inclusion in sports. If your child has any disabilities please contact your Bee Sporty coach to discuss your child’s individual needs and requirements and we will be happy to work to adapt our program to accommodate.

Book a Free Trial Now

If you are interested in trying the classes why not book your little busy bee in for a free trial class? We offer a free trial to allow you to bring your little one along to try our games and activities before you book in for the term.